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          Professional heat treatment chamber furnaces Heldors IAF stands out in the market with their reliability, because they developed to work in maximum temperature continuously. IAF line is made for coal cementation in temperature range from 50⁰C up to 1100⁰C. All furnaces goes with heat resistant stainless steel container. The dimensions of container is 20% smaller than chamber dimensions.


• Heat resistant stainless steel container (dimensions is 20% smaller than chamber dimensions)
• Strong and reliable frame construction
• Powder painted casing
• Free radiation wire heating elements on tubes
• Heating from three sides (two sides and bottom)
• Ceramic bottom plate
• Downward doors with counterweight
• Bearings for easy and durable door opening
• Chamber front arc and bottom made from bricks
• Reliable door sealing with fiber
• Lightweight insulation (low inertia)
• Hot surfaces around the arc made from stainless steel
• Top of the door covered with stainless steel (for loading-unloading)
• Solid state relay control
• PID temperature controler
• K type thermocouple
• Independent over het protection
• Ventilation


• Chamber made from bricks
• Door made from bricks
• Silicon carbide bottom plates
• Silicon carbide protection of heating elements
• Cooling fan
• Lifting up doors (manually)
• Automatic door opening (electromechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic) operated by foot or hand switch 
• Ramp programmable PID controller
• Touch screen
• Temperature recorder
• Zone control
• Stationary table for load
• Turning table for load
• Sensors for emergency door stop
• Light signals
• Visual alarm for broken heating elements
• RS232
• RS485
• PC software



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