“Heldors” specializes in laboratory and industrial thermal equipment. The company is manufacturing a wide range of electric furnaces, drying ovens, incubators for various thermal processes. All the products are handmade, which makes the quality level incredibly high.

We believe that the “world consists of small things”, therefore all the products are developed with passion and every part is made in consideration to the last detail.

Our team consists of strong engineers, therefore the company not only offers standard products, but is also able …

  Heldors will produce the products that have maximal functionality that you or your clients need. How? Because all our products start from your brief and form the work of our engineering department by the “projecting board”.

 We do understand that quality can be individualised, therefore final product will have the exact quality that you or your client need.

 Because we have experience which let us to fulfil the project exactly to requirements that you ask for and therefore at the exact price that you are willing to pay.

 We have experience working by OEM agreement, subcontracting, supplying products with private label, design and manufacture of AMS2750 E and CQI-09 standards.

Our team of professional engineers are always ready to offer customized solutions. 

We are at Your service and here to help You out in any way we can.

Just contact our team for more precise answers and we will find the way to beneficially service you.

“Heldors: offers development and production of customized:

  • Chamber furnaces
  • Conveyor belt furnaces
  • Shaft furnaces
  • Pit type furnaces
  • Furnace lines
  • Line of laboratory ovens
  • Other electrical equipment for thermal treatment