About us

    “Heldors” specializes in laboratory and industrial thermal equipment. The company is manufacturing a wide range of electric furnaces, drying ovens, incubators for various thermal processes. All the products are handmade, which makes the quality level incredibly high.

We believe that the “world consists of small things”, therefore all the products are developed with passion and every part is made in consideration to the last detail.

    Our team consists of strong engineers, therefore the company not only offers standard products, but is also able to customize the products according to the customer’s needs. This is one of the main company’s strengths, therefore development of a new product takes incredibly short time.

    Furnace business is quite specific and small this is why “Heldors” refuses big factories with hundreds metal processing machines and now cooperates with reliable subcontracting partners in Europe.

    Today “Heldors” works on two main parts of production: design and assembly, this is one of the reasons why the company is so flexible and may easily react to the needs of the marked, always uses the newest and most economical technologies of metal processing. This allows us to offer you high-level products for a competitive price.