Heldors News

Explosion proof oven HELDORS ICO 280_16320c

Explosion proof oven HELDORS ICO 280_16320c Industrial furnace ICO 280_16320c correspond EN 1539 Strong and reliable frame construction Chamber (2400x3400xH200mm) Max. temperature 280C Double swinging

Automatic quenching line ICO 600_5400c

Quenching line Heldors ICO 600_5400c Industrial furnace ICO 600_5400c with fully automated system manages the heat treatment, the transfer time, the quenching and the removal

Annealing furnace ICO 160_10640

Annealing furnace ICO160_10640 Annealing furnace for heating and holding material at a suitable temperature and cooling slowly in the furnace with the object of softening

ISO certified

ISO 9001:2015 Management system of UAB Labectra, producer of Heldors furnaces, was certified by ISO 9001:2015.

Industrial ovens line ICO

Industrial ovens line was designed and manufactured according the customer process. Fully automatic heat treatment. Max. temp. up to 160C. Main chamber volume: 5292 l

Table for rapid parts cooling

Table for rapid parts cooling after heat treatment process Product Description Strong metal frame 3 ventilators within housing, individually controlled Cooling area 600 x 850

Chamber furnace ICO 100_850cc

Chamber furnace with air circulation ICO 100_850cc was made to individual order. It is compact cabinet for 10 shelves. Inside dimensions 610x820x1700 height. Maximal temperature