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Annealing furnace ICO160_10640

Annealing furnace for heating and holding material at a suitable temperature and cooling slowly in the furnace with the object of softening the steel, improving machinability and cold working properties.

  • Strong and reliable frame construction
  • Tight welded chamber (1600x3500x1900mm)
  • Two sides electromechanically lifting doors
  • Furnace base plate with floor insulation
  • 2 track rails for access at ground level
  • Max load on the bottom (without trolley): 2000 kg (distributed load)
  • Chamber material: zinc coated mild steel painted with heat resistant paints
  • Heating elements mounted in double walls
  • Vertical forced air
  • Two air circulation turbines mounted in the ceiling
  • Two electric motors mounted on the top of oven
  • Air failure acoustic and visual alarm with immediate heating
  • shutdown
  • Air flow ~7000 m3/h
  • Smoke hoodies above doors